Newsletter | The Seven Characteristics of Dental Practice Manager/Leaders

January 14, 2019by Lisa Philp
  1. Basic dental knowledge– Know and understand dental jargon, dentistry role in health care, patient experience, technology, services, scheduling and production.
  2. Loyalty to the company and practice– Advocate and supporter of the vision and mission and looking out for the business first as opposed to a desire to be liked or approved. Wanting to be “one of the girls”, this disrupts supervisory responsibilities and loyalties will be divided, which can negatively impact morale.
  3. Fair and Assertive – Treat all team members equally regardless of personal connection. Encourage team to solve their own problems and be aware of their own attitude and how to go to the source. Objective, confront uncomfortable issues with respect and assertive problem solving that results in dissolving drama caused by team members.
  4. Metric accountable business minded – Understand the practice metrics and how to monitor.Evaluate existing systems and programs and recommend changes that will help the practice meet its production goals. Understand profit and loss statements and the key aspects of running a business.
  5. Confidentiality of important information– Honour agreements concerning what is shared with team in regards to ownership financialsemployee information and human resources wages.
  6. Lead by Example– Follow the operations playbook and systems and set the standard to become a role model, which means they consistently display exemplary behavior. For example, they don’t surf the Internet during business hours, they don’t take personal calls or bring an unpleasant attitude to work.
  7. Professional in appearance and behavior – In and out of the practice. They “wear their rank well,” which means that they view and use their responsibility as a leader with humility, never abusing the leadership position the dentist has given them.

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