Newsletter | What Does it Take to Be The Ideal Manager?

January 6, 2019by Lisa Philp

January is the ideal time to determine what success means for you. This means gathering the knowledge to prepare for change(if needed) adopting proven, real-life strategies and tools that manage energy, enhance awareness, encourage self-discovery and how to build a team of leaders.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a successful manager? To be someone who has it all; strong leadership presence, a high performing team, financial freedom, solid patient relationships, an exciting career, boundless enthusiasm and maintained energy over decades.

The answer is vast and multi-layered. Regardless of the author, expert or system, one common message screams out loud and clear; leadership is a DAILY job. The examples, measurements, outcomes, level of fulfilment or work/life balance shows that the first mandatory step is to look within yourself, with openness, to the “intent” of our behavior and how it “impacts” others.

TGNA’s experience coaching dental leaders and teams has determined the key areas of focus that are directly related to why and how dental leaders achieve long-term success with our Management Model and Leadership Style training modules.

The Ideal Dental Management model provides structured communication, effective conflict resolution for a drama-free workplace and confidence to solve problems in real time.

Prioritizing time and focus on patient service in alignment with match the ownership vision and goals for a growing and better future with the involvement of the team.

We also offer Office Management Workshops, Office Management Fundamentals and Office Management Advanced.

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Lisa Philp