Signature Coaching

Dental Practice Coaching
TGNA Strategic Signature Plus ProgramTM – Up to 3X ROI Guaranteed!**

The TGNA Strategic Signature Plus ProgramTM is a full service coaching plan uniquely customized for dentists and their teams. It is as individualized as your signature to provide guaranteed return of your investment in time, energy and money!

This dental practice management program is more than just training, it is built on a complete suite of coaching and mentoring services, that focus on the needs and values of your practice to operate as a successful business. The Program is based on the results of your Comprehensive Business Assessment (CBA)©, that determines the gaps between where you are and where you want to get to, with a two year strategic coaching and maintenance plan put in place.

Our Guarantee

TGNA dental practice coaching is the best investment you can make for practice growth and success. We are so confident of the positive results you will achieve that this Program offers up to three times return of your investment guaranteed or your money back! **


“After 30 years of dentistry and having had some bad consulting experiences that left a bad taste in my mouth, I decided to have an assessment and allow TGNA – Transitions Group North America, to look at my practice.

The decision that I made to have TGNA work with my practice actually put a smile on my face. The coaching team created a strategic plan to support myself and the team with our goals. After some incredible coaching sessions, there was a very different ‘air’ in the office. There was no longer a ‘Sword of Damocles’ hanging over the team’s head.

There was a great sense of freedom that I hadn’t had for a long time and I wished that I had done this years ago. The practice had an overall productivity increase of 48% from where we started. It was well worth my investment. My team now has the leader that they need and the practice provides consistent patient care.”

Dr. Stuart Wieder, Glen Falls, NY, USA


** The Strategic Signature Coaching™ will entail a minimum of 12-15 months of on-site practice management coaching by our team of expert dental consultants and dental coaches. The blueprint of your Program is planned with you to ensure that your unique and specific practice needs are met. A guarantee** of up to 3X ROI may be offered after an initial Comprehensive Business Assessment (CBA) has been completed by TGNA to determine the starting point to the end result, and assess the opportunity for your team and practice.

The TGNA Strategic Signature Plus ProgramTM consists of 2 phases, with each phase lasting a year. Features for each phase includes:

  • Onsite Comprehensive Business Assessment (CBA) (3 days) – larger teams over 10 members may require additional days following review at an additional cost.
  • A Comprehensive Business Assessment (CBA) to determine the viability of up to 3 times money back guarantee (or reduced price for a standard Strategic Signature Program without a guarantee)
  • A 12 Month active implementation period
  • A coaching team assigned specifically for you and your team, made up of dental coaching experts in Leadership, Team Development, Advanced Business Systems, and Clinical Systems
  • The facilitation and implementation of the identified strategies specific and customized for your practice, built around the TGNA CREPT Model, with Scorecard reviews of up to 25 KPI’s and multiple dental management systems
  • Off-site Project Management by TGNA team (1 day)
  • Initial off-site Change Management Workshop (2 days)
  • On-site coaching visits (8 days in total)
  • Ongoing telephone and/or email support from Head Office
  • Monthly practice monitoring with your business coach team
  • All related training manuals and materials for your existing team members (Provision of 10 kits in total)
  • All reasonable, incidental services as required to execute this implementation, including correspondence, facsimile transmissions, and long distance telephone support.
  • Performance review to determine Phase 2 coaching days, consisting of a minimum of 6 days for ongoing coaching in year two (maintenance).


  • Feasible monthly payment plan – Low risk investment
  • We come to you to help keep costs down for team coaching and mentoring
  • Customized coaching solutions NOT a cookie cutter approach
  • Return of Time, Energy and Money
  • Establishes an implemented proven system essential for growth
  • Enables you to manage your practice effectively
  • Increases your practice productivity and profitability
  • Reduces owner and team stress levels by building a strong team that supports each other with positive team spirit
  • Increases patient quality of care
  • Enhances your teams applied knowledge, with increased team communication
  • Allows you to take control of your dental practice and your time
  • PACE approved CE Credits for team members in the Program