Light the Fire Within

July 25, 2023by Lisa Philp

Team empowerment is a key factor in leadership effectiveness and practice success.  Independent of but as important (if not more than) financial metrics, key influencers in business performance include workplace health and team adaptability to change.  To ignite this, positive modelling from leadership coupled with openness to team input is paramount.

Mastering effective leadership takes initiative, guidance, patience, and a positive attitude.  Skills that support this are communication, conflict resolution, and openness to team input.  Leaders who practice and model these skills create a positive atmosphere that empowers team members to contribute and apply their strengths with confidence rather than the fear of failure or retribution.

Respected leaders foster a culture of trust and accomplish more by inviting ideas and listening to team members without judgement.  Practice priorities are established, information is shared organically and everyone takes accountability for the whole, fortifying employee engagement – a win-win!

Empowering leaders understand and appreciate the difference between ‘lighting a fire within’ and ‘lighting a fire below.’ The latter has the potential to spark unsolicited resistance to change.  ‘Lighting a fire within,’ requires a mutual connection between leader and team.   It truly inspires and enhances employee development.  Ultimately, it contributes to a healthier workplace environment that provides the momentum necessary to achieve employee satisfaction, retention, and ongoing practice performance.

Lori Irvine, BSc

Practice Management Coach

Transitions Group North America

Lisa Philp