Team and Leadership Speaker

Lori is an expert in professional empowerment; she motivates teams to maximize their capacity for excellence. She inspires by supporting clients in the discovery of their true potential. Lori enjoys meeting new people and is fascinated by their uniqueness. She is open-minded and passionate about helping individuals to identify and enhance their strengths.

Lori validates the significance of talent diversity and shows how it effectively contributes to team success. She demonstrates how a healthy balance of capacity and exceptional collaboration can transform a good team to one that is outstanding.

With creativity, Lori discovers and delivers innovative conduits to drive effective results. Her vision stems from conceptualizing what could be. As a leader and a risk-taker who embraces challenge, she relies on her keen intuition and acts on instincts appropriately. Adaptability, empathy and her ability to improvise enhances Lori’s connection with clients, leading them to ideal solutions.

Outgoing and approachable, Lori is proficient in people engagement and relationship building. She is an upbeat coach and dynamic facilitator who ignites excitement about team growth and development. With enthusiasm, she focuses on the lighter side of life and encourages others to do the same. Lori appreciates that although we do not always have the power to change what happens to us, we do have the power to control our attitude towards them.

Lori believes that optimism is as essential as oxygen, and that a sense of humour is a gift meant to be shared. Family and friends come first in Lori’s life. She appreciates the arts and is actively involved in community theatre. As a certified fitness professional, she is committed to and champions others in maintaining the holistically healthy and balanced lifestyle they deserve.

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