Leadership and Management Skills in Dentistry

January 17, 2019by Lisa Philp

The world of dentistry is competitive, where your skills as a leader and a manager are equally essential to become successful.

Leadership and management skills require both practice and training. Here at TGNA, we offer dental practitioners a two-day module taught by experts in both leadership development and successful practice management. If you want your dental business to flourish, you have to gain both strong leadership and effective management skills. But what is the difference between leadership and management skills? How do these two factors help your dental practice?

Concisely, the difference between leadership and management is that leadership is about establishing new direction or vision for a group they follow. While management on the other hand directs or controls resources and people in a group according to values that have been already set.

When you have both leadership and management skills, you can create an empowered and synergistic team that will help you attract and retain patients. According to a study, dental practices that apply leadership and management skills attract and retain patients, as measured by increased numbers of both initial consultations and continued patronage.

Remember that the absence of one skill can negatively affect your entire team. Combining leadership and management skills allow you to set visions and manage the people on your team, as well as resources to implement your ideas effectively.

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-The TGNA Team

Lisa Philp