When COVID gives you lemons…Get ‘juiced up’!

February 16, 2021by Lisa Philip

Working in times of uncertainty invites challenges which can be viewed as problems or opportunities. Our perspective is solely dependent on our mindset. Our mindset is unique to us and governs the way we respond to things we can and cannot control. The good news is that we have the freedom to make a conscious choice, to react negatively or to positively respond.

Make no mistake, managing change (especially when it is abrupt and uncertain) does not come easy, it requires courage and grit. In many ways, the pandemic has forced all of us to collectively ‘unravel,’ to move away from the way we are used to doing things and to do things differently to accommodate our ‘new world.’ Some of us have had to ‘relocate’ away from our desks, work different hours, adapt to modified PPE and protocols. Efforts necessary to manage these changes naturally makes our comfort zone especially hard to resist.

The ability to adapt with a positive mindset is as valuable as the ability to approach problems with a solutions-based mindset. Both are required to maintain harmony as adaptation is necessary for growth and problems are inevitable. Here are some exercises that you can do in efforts to ‘change your brain’ and sustain a positive mindset:

• Communicate – Continue meeting as a team (in person or via zoom); openly share how you are doing/feeling and ask for support as required
• Physically distance but don’t distance socially – Use technology to stay in touch with friends and family; join groups and participate in online activities
• Nurture the nurturer – Healthcare workers are typically wired to take care of others; put yourself on the list
• Be grateful – Reflect on and show appreciation for what you have; celebrate your capabilities and your success
• Pay it forward – Proactively support your team members
• Acknowledge – Express appreciation for the support that your team provides
• Exercise – You do not have to be an Olympic athlete to get some exercise (a walk around the block is beneficial) and it releases endorphins;

Building on the ability to ‘flip’ your attitude takes practice and requires resilience, but positivity is contagious and the return on investment is well worth the effort!

Lisa Philip