Introducing 10 NEW Dental Essentials E-Learning Courses

February 15, 2021by Lisa Philip

Our team at Transitions Group is thrilled to launch our 10 New E-Learning Courses through Transitions University! As we continue to navigate this “New Normal” these courses will help to inform, educate, and teach systems that impact key performance indicators and overall practice success.

The 10 NEW Courses

Whether you need some brushing up, or need to meet the CE requirements of your Ontario Dental Association membership, our certified e-learning courses can help! Please see the 10 new courses below: ⁣

  • New Patient Experience: Receive tips on communication skills and systematic practical approaches to maintain life-long patients.
  • ADPIE Process of Care⁣– Learn how to implement the flow of care through the dynamic “Dental Process of Care” steps.
  • Assessment — Complete Oral Exam-⁣ Obtain a detailed overview of the requirements, steps to complete, and legal considerations regarding the COE.
  • Periodontal Case Typing– Analyze the correct interpretation of data regarding actual or potential conditions of a patient through clarification of the ADPIE process.
  • Engineering a Blocked Schedule⁣- Identify challenges and build your awareness of the scheduling essentials for effective scheduling.
  • Leadership Blocks⁣– Assess the philosophies behind SMART goals, 8 Characteristic Traits or Building Blocks, and other aspects as it relates to your leadership style.
  • Case Presentation Fundamentals⁣- Study the importance of Case Presentation in providing patient care in today’s world.
  • Collect What You Produce– ⁣Assimilate productive verbal skills to utilize when going over financial policies and case acceptance.
  • Collection Accounts Receivable⁣- A great course to accompany “Collect What You Produce,” learn the system behind accounts receivable.
  • Patient Retention and Reactivation⁣- Gain an understanding of crucial steps needed to retain patient relationships and measurement of patient reactivation results.


At this time, we currently offer four bundles for you to choose from:

  • BRONZE– Any 5 TU Dental Essentials E-Courses + Bonus COVID Cycle of Care E-Course. Approx. 6 hours of CE with six months unlimited access available for $499/person.  
  • SILVER- All 10 TU Dental Essential Courses + Bonus COVID Cycle of Care E-Course. Approx. 11 hours of CE with 12 months unlimited access available for $999/person.
  • GOLD- Any 5 TU Dental Essentials E-Courses + Bonus COVID Cycle of Care E-Course + 3 Virtual Coaching Sessions. Approx. 9 hours of CE with six months unlimited access with our $2,999 package price.
  • PLATINUM- All 10 TU Dental Essentials E-Courses + Bonus COVID Cycle of Care E-Course + 5 Virtual Coaching Sessions. Approx. Twenty-one hours of CE with 12 months unlimited access with our $4,999 package price. 

Suppose you do not want to purchase a bundle and only need a few, not a problem! You can buy a minimum of two individual courses or more at only $199 each!

We Are Pandemic Proof

We understand the dramatic effects the pandemic has had on the economy and industry. We offer dental training educational modules and dental practice coaching in our sincere efforts to provide helpful tools and resources. These services assist dental practices in their financial growth and investments. You can also sign up on our website to receive updates and tips to use in your practice instantly!

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Lisa Philip