The Importance Of Patient Communication Right Now

May 6, 2021by Lisa Philip

Between re-opens, lockdowns, and changing COVID-19 protocols, now more than ever  it is important to have a consistent flow of communication with your patients! By keeping a close line of communication, you’ll be ensuring the success of your practice during these unprecedented times. Our team of dental experts at Transitions Group is here to give you some tips on what to talk about, and how to make the best of your current situation!

What To Highlight With Patients

Currently, some people may be worried about their health and safety when visiting certain public establishments, including dental offices. Email blasts, website updates, social media posts and calling patients directly are all great ways to remind them of your office’s COVID-19 protocols, and help ease any uncertainty. If your team has been vaccinated, you should also pass along this information so patients feel as comfortable as possible when visiting.

Other topics to think about include your region’s current lockdown restrictions, if virtual appointments are offered, and reminders that your practice is open and operating. We also suggest general well-being calls as a more human approach. Connect with your patients on a personal level and make sure they know you are there for them!

Remember, Consistency Is Key!

It’s important to keep a streamline of open communication between you and your patients. By doing so, you’ll make sure not to miss out on any opportunities, and that you are serving your patients to the best of your ability by keeping them informed. If a patient is not ready or comfortable to come into the office, try suggesting a virtual appointment with them. Zoom or FaceTime is a great way to connect with patients in the comfort of their own home to help mitigate unnecessary trips into the practice.

Let’s Talk

Transitions Group is made up of an amazing team of experienced dental professionals. We offer dental practice management solutions, as well as e-courses through Transitions University. To learn more on overcoming COVID-19 related obstacles, take a look at our handguide to help you through the pandemic called “The New Normal: Practice Playbook”. Give us a call at 905-681-1011 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our offerings. We can’t wait to hear from you, and to help make the most of this difficult time!

Lisa Philip