Overcoming COVID Fatigue

May 11, 2021by Lisa Philp

When you are a frontline worker in a pandemic, you often face the brunt of the very important work that keeps us all going. Between owning a practice, managing your teams, and keeping your own mental health in check, it’s no easy task to be the face of the business in today’s climate.

At Transitions Group, we want you to know we are here for you. Let’s take a look at how you and your teams can overcome COVID-19 fatigue, and we’ll provide a few tips to help make these challenging times a little easier.


Be Human First

Despite trying to be the hero, it’s important to acknowledge that COVID-19 burnout is very real. Between on-going lockdown restrictions, to vigorous COVID-19 health protocols, this can radiate stress through many facets of your business, such as your administration support team and vendors. Be human when talking to your team. Although we need to ensure the practice is running efficiently, it’s important to sometimes take the conversation away from business. A simple “how are you feeling?” or “how can I help?” can be a warm and inviting question to let your team know that you are here for them.


In This Together

Let your team know that we are all in this together. Open up to them about your own experiences, and let them know that overcoming this pandemic is a collective effort. Try to stay physically active when you can, and try out common stress-relievers such as mindfulness meditation. A great tool that is helping teams stay connected is Zoom. Try to find a time to set up COVID-19 friendly group activities. If your practice isn’t open Sundays, try scheduling a virtual yoga class in the morning for you and your team to enjoy. These small changes of care and compassion can go a long way.

When talking to your team, dig deeper into the problems they may be facing. Do they feel safe with the COVID-19 protocols? Is someone in their family dealing with the virus? Do they have any questions regarding vaccination? By asking these inter-personal questions, you will be able to better mitigate the people’s side to your business.


For More Help

Just as you are there to support your team, we want you to know we are here for you. Never hesitate to call us or to request a virtual coaching session. We offer a variety of tools for practices such as online e-courses, team modules and workshops! Contact us at 905-681-1011 for additional information. We look forward to helping your practice make the most of these difficult times!

Lisa Philp