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Score Your Dental Practice Against the Ideal

Score Your Dental Practice Against the Ideal

The TGNA Dental PracticeScoreTM is a scorecard tool designed by Transitions Group North America for dentists and their practice teams to discover their productivity levels for success. We how found that it is an essential eye opener for dental practices to see where the gaps are and in doing so, realign, adjust or celebrate and continue their path in achieving team and practice success.

Have you ever asked yourself… what could we be doing better to improve productivity? Is our practice operating at full potential? Are we on a plateau and don’t know why? Are we really thriving at our peak or is there room for improvement? Do we want to celebrate our practice success and focus on how to keep it going? What improvements can we make to be more successful?

The results and awareness of your TGNA Scorecard will transform every area of you Practice Productivity, including:

  • Your Decision Making
  • Team Morale
  • Communications
  • Positioning & Marketing
  • Best Behaviors and Wins
  • Overcoming deficiencies instead of hiding them
  • The gaps you can close for enhancing productivity for success

Scorecards have been proven to drive better performance, enhance morale, breakdown resistance to change, implement productivity strategy, translate behavior into concrete terms that are tracked for success, attention and focus on future direction.

You are invited to opt in and take this complimentary review. On completion, you will have one of our TGNA expert dental practice management assessors contact you to discover and explain what your score results mean, and they will help you build a roadmap for improvement and ultimate success.

Have an experienced TGNA Practice Analytical Coach study and review your practice score. The coach will discuss your results with you and provide a blueprint for a comprehensive customized module training or practice coaching program as a roadmap to help you maximize your practice productivity.

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