The Management Of Your Dental Practice Could Use Some Spring Cleaning

March 2, 2020by Lisa Philip

With Spring around the corner, you should take advantage of your renewed energy and apply that to improving how your practice operates. Here are three simple ways you can improve your operations with no added expenses, ensuring that you turn the corner on a new season with a more optimized business.

Revisit Your Office Culture

Whether you like it or not culture is essential to providing a memorable experience for your employees as well as your patients. It can be a nebulous topic when you first think about it, but it does not need to be complex. A lot of time culture is naturally occurring and if your employees and patients are enjoying their time at your practice simply ask them for some feedback about what they like. This costs you nothing and provides incite on the behaviors that you can reinforce to improve on that culture.

Get Your Voice Out There

We live in a socially involved world, this goes far beyond just the natural interactions people go through day to day, it also involves your web presence. An engaged social media base and an attractive website can bring in far more referrals naturally than you can from traditional promotion. Make it a habit of your management this year to check in with how your practice is participating in the social media space.

Train More, Manage Less

Obviously, if a new employee has made the cut to work with you, they exhibit talents and experience you deem quality for your practice. However, even experts need to get trained up on how you exactly like to do things, the more precise and efficient you can make your training process the less you will need to check in with them later, freeing up a lot of your time for higher-level management.

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Lisa Philip