Performance Evaluation in Dental Practice

May 10, 2018by Lisa Philip

Should performance evaluation be part of your dental practice? A resounding yes! While providing performance evaluation can sometimes make employees or dental staff feel anxious, it is an essential part of achieving dental practice objectives, as well as attaining dental business goals.

Most of the time, positive feedback from a performance evaluation can result in better performance, and better performance can lead to a more successful dental practice. However, attaining a successful dental practice through performance evaluation can be challenging at times, and some guidelines can help you execute a proper evaluation.

Documentation – Performance evaluation should be documented appropriately for reference and comparison of previous and recent work. With documentation, evaluation is made based on facts and not opinions. Use statistics and numbers where possible to track progress.

Regular feedback – Conduct meetings regularly and speak directly to your dental staff when giving feedback. This will help give structure to the feedback and when it is to be expected.

Make Goals for the entire team – Having a common goal in dental practice is crucial to keep the team feel and have them work in unity.

Discussions – Learn to keep an open discussion during an evaluation. Discuss the feedback to your employees and let them talk share what they feel could improve, their goals and how you can help them achieve them.

Have a scoring system evaluation – Following a specific scoring system for evaluation can prevent bias. It can also maintain better performance productivity. You can check our scoring evaluation system or our dental scorecards on our website.

Enforcing a proper performance evaluation can lead to better productivity, which can eventually result in a successful dental practice. If you want your goals achieved in your dental practice, a proper performance evaluation for your team can help you get there. Contact us at TGNA to learn more about achieving your goals for your dental practice through our workshops.

– The TGNA Practice Management Team

Lisa Philip