Newsletter | Avoid Overload – Take the time to truly recharge

May 14, 2018by Lisa Philip

Are your vacations TRULY vacations? If you are bringing work with you on vacation, you are missing out. Research consistently shows that people who take their vacation time are both less stressed and receive health benefits, including a lower risk of dying from heart disease.

If you bring work with you on your vacation, you are missing out on the numerous benefits of vacations. A recent study by the Families and Works Institute revealed that those who work on vacation return stressed and overwhelmed, which defeats the purpose of a vacation.


Shut it down!

Leave your laptop behind and turn off your cell phone when you go on vacation in order to recharge your batteries and return feeling refreshed and energized, which positively affects your work.

While you are at it, why not reduce your time from the internet as well? Disconnecting with technology and making the choice to connect to the important people in your life, especially if you use the time for an enjoyable experience or activity that you usually don’t have time to do, can create precious memories, strengthen personal bonds and increase happiness.

This first long weekend of the 2018 summer season is a great opportunity to take a mini vacation; disconnect from technology, rest, relax and recharge.

Lisa Philip