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March 19, 2018by Lisa Philip

In a recent United Nations report, Canada rates 7th (for the second straight year) on the list of happiest countries in the world John Helliwell, a professor at the University of BC states that countries that rated highest have “high levels of mutual trust, shared purpose, generosity and good governance” ***.

An interesting aspect of trust is that people with the highest self-esteem find it easier to trust others to teach them. We are also more likely to look honestly at our weaknesses and create solutions. On the other hand, if our self-esteem is fragile, we will worry about what others think of us and we will keep problems to ourselves, choosing not open up to growing through experts. The ability to trust others and strive to overcome obstacles drives us to excellence.

Continuing education comes in many forms, from seminars and workshops to hands-on training with a personal success coach. If you have a clear, honest understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, then seminars and videos can be of help. If you don’t, you may want to look for 1-on-1 opportunities like hands-on training and professional practice coaching, where you’ll get personal attention that will help you evaluate yourself.

What can you expect if you make the commitment? Among our clients, those who are actively engaged in striving to be better and keeping up with the latest advances are experiencing consistent growth rates of around 10%-15% every year.

The power to overcome all obstacles is often equated with the use of the empowerment of self and others. When we demonstrate our power, no one can tell us what can’t be done. We are freed from patterns of self-diminishment and are less likely to accept other people’s perceptions of what we can and cannot do.

So, look at your dental career and ask what is next for you in terms of personal or professional development and select the right learning environment. With your mission in mind, the toughest opponent you’ll face is the voice inside your head.

***source USA today, March 20’17 & Toronto Star March 14, 2018

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