How To Keep Your Practice Pandemic Proof

April 9, 2021by Lisa Philip
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Depending on where you are in the country, your practice may be in a zone that is in a partial lockdown, or completely re-opened. As regulations continue to change, consistent communication with your patients has never been more important. At Transitions Group, we’re here to help your practice make the most of these challenging times! Our Pandemic Proof Guide continues to be effective and successful for navigating the dental industry. How can you keep your practice pandemic proof? We have a few reminders for you to check in on!


Increase Patient Confidence

Now more than ever, it’s important to remind your patients that dentistry is essential. As some zones surpass a year of pandemic restrictions, this is the perfect time to remind your patients that the recommended time between dental check ups is only six months. As health care providers, your patients may be looking at you for guidance during this time. Send email blasts to remind them that you are open, and make sure to keep them in the loop about any important pandemic updates!

Some patients may feel apprehensive about visiting public facilities. This is a great time to remind them of your clinic’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Another great way to build patient confidence is by updating them on your team’s current vaccination plans. Even if your clinic has only received their first dose, this is a great way to build patient trust, and ease their fears!


Make A Plan!

Get in touch with your Transitions Group coach, and make a plan on how to accelerate your practice. We can review the importance of communicating with patients, and make a game plan to help you succeed! Don’t be afraid to offer cosmetic services during this time. While everyone is masked up, let’s take advantage by suggesting a smile makeover! By focusing on overall health, dental check ups and cosmetic dentistry, you can still fill your schedule during this third wave!


Let’s Connect

During uncertain times, it’s important we convey a message of hope and compassion for our patients and the community. We want all of our partners to feel supported during this time. Take advantage of our COVID-19 tips, and check out our e-learning courses through Transitions University! These 10 new e-courses are to inform, educate, and teach systems that impact key performance indicators, and overall practice success! You will be able to select what courses your practice needs most through our savings packages, and some even include virtual coaching support! For any questions, give us a call at 905-681-1011. We look forward to helping your practice thrive during these challenging times!

Lisa Philip