Poor Oral Hygiene Connected To More Severe COVID-19 Symptoms

April 13, 2021by Lisa Philip

According to a new study from McGill University, researchers found that those with periodontitis, also known as gum disease, were more likely to suffer from COVID-19 complications. Read the whole story from CTV News here: https://bit.ly/3dWIWHm

It’s more imperative than ever to advise patients to maintain a good oral hygiene routine for their overall health! Remind them that gum disease can occur when plaque is not properly removed from the teeth. This causes inflammation of the gums. If left untreated, this inflammation can spread to the whole body and potentially lead to more severe reactions to COVID-19.

Luckily, maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine can help prevent bleeding gums, and in turn, could help prevent and manage COVID-19 symptoms. It’s important to remind patients to floss and brush their teeth twice daily, and complete biannual dental appointments!

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Lisa Philip