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Lisa Philp

Chief Visionary Officer

Lisa lives her passion. Lisa’s talents lie in her independence, presence, self -assurance and her ability to make things happen by turning thoughts into action, using her inner compass and conversational gifts as a presenter. She will take control of situation and make decisions that are beneficial for all parties.

Taking complex data and detail, she simplifies for others to understand, while recognizing patterns of what could work better. She is confident in her ability to demonstrate what she teaches and coaches and can be counted on to create new ways of thinking via her improvisation. Her passion fuels her visionary influence as an entrepreneur that tomorrow WILL be different then today if we all are accountable and living our unique ability. She injects humor, hope and drives deep motivation for people to change what is not working for them and see a new horizon.

Lisa is inspirational and consciously attempts to modify the thoughts and actions of others with her astuteness at identifying an individual’s existing motives in order to direct that person’s behavior toward a predetermined end. She is clear about the results she expects while offering friendship to those who desire acceptance, authority to those who seek power, and security to those who want a predictable environment. Lisa is well-liked and respected, due to her exemplary verbal skills and creates motivation to encourage others to be their best by accomplishing their own goals through accountability, cooperation and collaboration as opposed to domination.

Lisa’s mission is to make dentistry simple and fun so professionals will achieve fulfillment in the workplace. She is committed to finding balance with free time as the first born of 5 children, wife of over 20 years and mother to three children born in multiple decades. She is a passionate talker, skier, yoga advocate and loves to laugh.

Volunteer Position: Dental Industry of Canada; Board of Directors; Business & Employee Development


  • Dentistry Today’s Leaders in Dental Continuing Education 2014 & 2015
  • University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry; Arbor Award 2008 recipient


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