Newsletter | Are you a TRUSTED ADVISOR?

August 20, 2018by Lisa Philp

Picture a journey together through a dark cave with the Trusted Advisor illuminating the path with a flashlight. The fear of the unknown dissipates when a friendly guide brings it to light.  When we illuminate the path for our patients, we help them answer the following questions…

  1. How does dentistry fit into my overall health?
  2. What is the condition of my gums, teeth and smile?
  3. How do they impact their life?
  4. What are the proposed treatment solutions and how they will benefit me?
  5. Is this the right practice to do this work for me?
  6. What are the benefits and consequences of treatment?
  7. Is this the right time to proceed?
  8. Is the fee investment-based with enough value that I can invest with appreciation?

The real issue is not knowledge and information; it’s perceived value! Patients who own their conditions, feel understood, connect mouth to body health and see how the treatment plan will benefit them, will value our services.

They will also tend to:

  • Accept and own their treatment recommendations
  • Stay active in your recare program—see it more than “Just a Cleaning”
  • Honor their time for their appointments
  • Pay for services with a smile on their face
  • Easily reactivated by phone for overdue recare appointments.

Motivate patients to value dentistry and select the best treatment as opposed to trying to persuade or convince them to proceed with treatment. Patients should be saying the magic words, “I’ve just got to get this work done!”

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Lisa Philp