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Lisa Philp is a dental industry leader, author, advisor, coach and speaker. She is the Chief Visionary Officer of Transitions Group; a premier full service dental practice management company serving dental professionals at all stages of their career from graduation to retirement.Lisa’s mission is to be an eternal student of learning and growth while being a natural change agent that can adapt and reinvent as needed. She is committed to disrupting complacency and helping others to move beyond the excuses and limits they have set for themselves to have, be and get what they deserve.

She is a published author and writer of Transitions group CREPT curriculum for proven practice management methods and strategies that have built, grown or transitioned thousands of dental professionals over the past 20 years.

She is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker and trainer for dental meetings, industry companies and study clubs. Lisa has been on Dentistry Today’s top 100 speakers list for over 10 years. Her programs are engaging, practical and entertaining.

Lisa is well known for her direct, honest, no nonsense approach, master use of words, and unwavering passion for people to live their gifts and strengths. Her fast-paced thinking and strategic mind for systems and predictable performance goals supports her reputation as dentistry’s leading problem solver.

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Speaking Program Summary

Programs are available in evening, half or full day formats

Recession Proofing Scorecard
The economic climate can impact your practice if you don’t have the right mindsets. This program will uncover the areas of focus that are required to assure your practice is not blind-sided with a decline in patients, productivity and profit in a downturn that is out of your control.

Irrefutable Laws of Dental Practice – “Proven Success”
The dental journey includes fundamental foundational laws that guarantee success regardless of the dental practice type or setting. From the critical traits of a leader dentist and managing daily operations while inspiring a synergistic team. The administrative systems in the business area drive patient experience and loyalty, maintain the retention of existing patients and make dentistry affordable. The clinical systems and education process determines the acceptance of restorative services in the future and set the stage for case acceptance for financial prosperity.

The Ultimate Synergistic Team – “1+1=3”
An empowered and highly motivated “Team” is the key to a successful practice. The average dental team only accesses 10% – 15% of its potential. Imagine a team who has maximized their potential and perform at optimal levels. They are a cooperative, cohesive group who are working towards a common vision. We are better together combining strengths then working alone.

Generational Diversity – “Bridge the Gap”
Dentistry as a human capital business with success being in how we treat the “person” is currently treating five generations of patients. Each generation is diverse with their preferences, loyalty, choices and how they make decisions about their health and dentistry. Although each person is individual there is science and experience that shows how we can adapt to each segment with predictability when we understand their culture, motivations and priorities all dependent on when someone is born and what they were exposed to in childhood, youth and as an adult.

No-Shows and Cancellations – “Unlock The Mystery”
Often, the most stressful part of the dental practice is the schedule and making sure patients show up. When a patient doesn’t show up for their treatment, the entire practice loses in time, energy and costs. Learn how to re-train your communication skills, simplify your current scheduling systems and achieve 90% of your available schedule being filled with patients to value your time and make better decisions about their oral health.

Possibility Hygiene – “Power from Within”
Dental hygiene is the lifeblood of a dental practice; it contributes to 80% of the doctor’s schedule in the future 4-6 weeks. Many times the answers are right in front of us and often overlooked in the business of daily operations. Learn how to assess, measure and create a team approach to dental hygiene care and basic systems and communication skills will maximize your hygiene department.

Cabinet Millionaire – “Hail Mary or Play Book?”
Most dental practices have hundreds of thousands of dollars in dentistry sitting in their charts not yet diagnosed or not yet accepted. The success of your dental practice is determined by your ability to diagnose and plan comprehensive dentistry as well as having the skills to effectively present your recommendations. Making recommendations affordable via creative financial arrangements provides the wealth for prosperity.

Case Presentation for “YES” – “One Inch at A Time”
The art and science of case acceptance is not easy, however it can be SIMPLE using tried and true measurements and tactics that the entire team can learn. The success of a dental practice is determined by the amount of diagnosed, planned and accepted dentistry that they can comfortably influence the patients to value. Operational systems combined with communication tools create instant results in case acceptance.

10 Communication Tools for Your Dental Practice
Dentistry is living a whirlwind of evolution and change as a profession, provider, stage of career, fees, productivity and patient sophistication. Dentistry must not be complacent about the patient centered approach that will match with patients’ perceptions and learn new ways to meet their expectations at every moment of interaction. The goal is a team approach of how to shift from an appointment of tasks to a personalized EXPERIENCE that will deepen loyalty, increase acceptance, growth and retention

Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Practice
Re-care, retention & referrals: Who doesn’t want a practice where our patients understand and comply with their recommended re-care schedule, remain loyal to the practice and refer their friends and family? This program will show you how.

How Does She Do It All: Power & Balance of the Female in Dentistry
Energy is defined as available power; the capacity for vigorous activity. As females, we stay in constant vigorous activity as we multi-task and juggle all aspects of life, which requires us to maintain our energy. Since most of us spend a large portion of our time at work, we need to create as energizing an environment as possible to maintain happiness, peace and purpose.

Insurance Driven To Insurance Optimizing
Dental Insurance Benefits are a fact of life for today’s dental practice health, growth and management. Over half of the population has some form of dental insurance in the form of indemnity, PPO or HMO plans which drive access to your dental care. There are many ways to optimize insurance benefits in a patient friendly way to gain higher case acceptance and simple and solid management systems that assure increased collections. This seminar will align the dental team with communication skills to overcome insurance dictation, provide relevant information about proper coding and techniques for submission with systems for maximized reimbursement and increased collections.

Patient Loyalty Formula: Satisfaction = Perceptions + Expectations
This program is designed for the entire team and provides a tried and true formula for how to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction for loyalty, retention and memorable experience in dentistry. The solutions are geared to meet the needs of research based consumer studies of what the public perceive as a “good dental practice” and what they expect from the dental practice to stay loyal and attend their appointments.

Practice Scorecard: Measure up in the “New Normal”
The new normal was driven by the changing landscape of dentistry with economic downturn, increased # of dental providers, existing practitioners working longer, corporatization, public sophistication and urban center saturation. The new normal is that “now is not the time to be complacent” thinking the way you built the practice in the past is going to be the way today. It is a must for the practice to assess how they are doing in some key metrics and how they may compare to benchmarks of success that are tried and true. Awareness is the first step and this program will guide you through the areas to measure in the health of the team, patient and business to support knowledge to create a plan to assure the future is better and growth is happening.

Ignite Your Leadership
The dentist is the leader of the practice, but even being an outstanding clinician is not enough! Dentists need the skills to manage the business side of running a practice including managing their team effectively. This seminar takes a practical approach to managing your dental team and highlights the legal aspects of common staff employment issues. This program will guide you through a variety of strategies that will help you effectively manage your dental team and avoid any employment pitfalls when hiring, evaluating and firing staff.

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Previous Speaking Events


  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Yankee Dental Congress
  • Rocky Mountain Dental Convention
  • American Dental Association – New Dentist Convention
  • International Dental Congress
  • Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Spokane Northwest Dental Association
  • Vermont Dental Association
  • Toronto Academy of Dentistry
  • Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting
  • Greater New York
  • Victoria, Upper Island Dental
  • Pacific Dental Conference
  • Canadian Dental Association
  • Edmonton District Symposium
  • orthern Ontario Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Seattle Study Club Annual Meeting
  • Seattle Study Club Coordinators Conference
  • Thompson-Okanogan Dental Meeting
  • Buffalo Niagara Dental Convention

Professional Associations and Societies

  • Vancouver & District Dental Society
  • Winnipeg Dental Society
  • Middlesex Dental Society
  • Nova Scotia Dental Association
  • Halton-Peel Dental Association
  • Calgary District Dental Society
  • Calgary Dental Hygiene Association
  • Canadian Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Hamilton Wentworth Dental Hygiene Society
  • Hamilton Academy of Dentistry
  • Burlington Dental Society
  • Wingham District Dental Society
  • Philadelphia Dental Association
  • Detroit District Dental Society
  • Alachua Dental Society
  • The Rosenthal Group
  • Caribbean Dental Programs Inc.
  • Ontario Dental Association

Study Groups/Labs

  • Seattle Study Club Coordinator’s Conference
  • Capital District Continuum for Advanced Dental Ed (SSC)
  • Alberta Dental Hygiene Association
  • North American Seattle Study Clubs
  • York Regional Dental Hygiene Association
  • Dr. Ronald Goldstone Memorial
  • Dentists for a Better Huntington
  • Toronto Institute for Dental Education
  • Renfrew Dental County
  • Columbus, Ohio Dental Forum
  • Gum Docs of Ottawa, Ontario
  • Port City, North Carolina Study Club
  • Central Wisconsin Dental Forum
  • Milwaukee Dental Study Club
  • West Palm Beach Study Club
  • Cincinnati dental Group
  • Shaw Lab Groups
  • Progenic Dental Labs
  • Rochester Technical Group

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  • Dental Group Practice Association
  • Eastern Dental Associates
  • Altima Dental
  • Immedia-dent Dental Centers
  • Dental Care Alliance
  • Arch Dental Associates

Dental Schools

  • Palm Beach State College
  • University of Western Ontario
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Mississippi
  • New Jersey Dental School
  • McGill University

Industry Training

  • Benco Dental
  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Henry Schein Canada
  • Care Credit
  • Ivoclar Vivident inc
  • obel Biocare Implants
  • Dentsply Canada
  • Philips Oral Health Care

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Speaking Dates

Topic Date Location Speaker
“Make More…Keep More” September 25, 2021 Live Webinar at the Saskatchewan Oral Health Conference ‐(SOHC) Lisa Philp
Patient Loyalty Formula: Satisfaction = Perceptions + Expectations October 22, 2021 Thompson Okanagan Dental Society (TODS), Delta Grand Okanagan Resort • Kelowna, BC Lisa Philp
Successes and Failures during COVID December 2, 2021 TDental Study Club, The London Club, 177 Queens Avenue, London Lisa Philp