Last Chance to Access The Transitions COVID-19 Digital Patient Experience:

May 28, 2020by Lisa Philp

Greetings on COVID day #82 with the Transitions Group COVID-19 Survival Guide. Over the past 10 weeks, we have aligned and collaborated with colleagues that have solutions and services to simplify and streamline the New Normal of COVID-19 in the dental practice. The company is called Xcare and they have  launched an app to comply and automate the contactless patient experience.

Their generous offer for an EXTRA 2 FREE MONTHS to sign up your practice ENDS JUNE 5TH AT MIDNIGHT and I didn’t want you to miss out!

Use promo code: TGNA2020 and your full 3 months (1 month + 2 bonus months with our special code) will not start until the practice is loaded and you reopen again.

Use code: TGNA2020 for 3 months free!


Over the past few weeks, we have listened to our clients share how their phased reopening is going. From the new systems to the new facility, team and patient protocols, we hear consistent feedback of the SAME THING – the new protocols require manual labour! “The COVID-19 administrative time and energy of scheduling, informing, preparing and pre-screening team members and patients, in addition to social distancing is only manageable NOW because the volume of incoming patients in Phase 2 reopening is low.”

For Phase 3, we must automate the administrative process for COVID-19 due to the increased volume of patient visits. The Xcare app will do this and more! This is why Transitions has teamed up to bring consistency, automation and digitization to your COVID-19 patient experience. It will automate and document areas of scheduling, virtual check-ins, date stamped results of pre-screening for your team and patients, integrate insurance plan data, two-way chat, and collect payment for billing with auto-pay from their smart phone at the time of service.

There is NO RISK! All you need to do as a practice is sign up and invite patients to download the app onto their smartphone or iPad to be part of your practice COVID-19 application. DOWNLOAD HERE.

Yours in the New Normal,

Lisa Philp
Chief Visionary Officer
Transitions Group

Lisa Philp