IPAC – More Than Just a Manual!

July 15, 2020by Lisa Philp

As we transition into a new normal of dentistry, IPAC has become more crucial than ever before. While dentists continue to navigate their way through the COVID-19 pandemic, they are more prone to having an on-site audit from public health due to the contact tracing and asymptomatic tendencies of this virus. We want to be sure that your practice is prepared by offering two new modules. Whether you need help with manual creation or would like an audit of a manual already in place, we’re here to offer our support.

IPAC 1 – Audit 

The objectives and goals of our IPAC Audit module are to make sure that your dental practice is complying with the IPAC process, and has up to date manual documentation that meets all provincial infection control standards. The goal is to protect the practice if public health or a dental college performs an on-site visit.

Our Transitions Group IPAC experts will communicate with the practice owner or IPAC officer to plan the audit using assessment checklists, electronic messages and video calls and photography.

For $1,995 + tax, your practice will receive: 

  • An audit checklist to assess their current processes and manual
  • The objective opinion of what is working well and what needs updates
  • Assess team officer knowledge that will support team engagement and sign off
  • Confirm all equipment and instructions for use
  • Reprocessing of Sterilization flow
  • Sterilizer logging and all checklists
  • A subscription to the COVID-19 Cycle of Care e-learning course
  • Follow up at 3 months and 6 months to support if coaching or training needed
  • And even more!

IPAC 2 – Manual Creation

Not having a streamlined and documented IPAC manual could prove to be problematic for your practice. This module offers support from an IPAC professional to develop, implement and evaluate protocols to prevent the transmission of infections.  We will provide communication and education related to infection control requirements to prevent infections and improve patient care in your dental practice. We will implement IPAC initiatives to achieve the best practice for your dental office.

For $3,999 + tax, your practice will: 

  • Assign or confirm the Infection Control officer for the practice
  • Assess current provinces core competencies and what is being done now
  • Set up the structure of the practice IPAC manual customized
  • Edit or Create needed standardized infection control protocols
  • Review WHMIS and practice policy
  • Set-up SDS to log and utilize
  • All forms, checklists and templates for logging included
  • Follow up coaching at 3 months and 6 months
  • And even more!


Does Your Practice Need Help With Your IPAC Manual? 

If your dental practice is in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa – or anywhere in Canada – TGNA Practice Management can help you with best-in-class dental consulting, coaching, workshops, training, and practice management. Don’t get caught off-guard with an on-site visit from public health or your dental college. Contact us to learn more today!

Lisa Philp