How to Instantly Increase Your Perceived Value Among Patients

February 17, 2020by Lisa Philip
Doctor dentist showing patient's teeth on X-ray

Most practices could benefit from dental coaching but not for the reasons they think. Dentists sometimes have a hard time figuring out where they fall short when it comes to perceived value. What do your patients think your time and effort is worth? How can you change it? The solution  begins with considering the patient experience. New equipment doesn’t necessarily get noticed, let alone make an impact. Customer service is where it’s at.

Speaking Their Language

At Transitions Group North America, we help dental offices throughout Canada make smarter financial choices. We help you determine which resources pack the biggest punch.

Some dentists concentrate so hard on the day-to-day that they forget how to talk about procedures in common English. They rattle off an explanation to a patient in the same way they’d talk to their assistants, and the patient just smiles and nods.

A special kind of problem is created when someone doesn’t understand the work being done. They can’t get an accurate estimate for the treatment somewhere else. They don’t know what to price.

You wind up with a patient who feels trapped into losing money. They can get potentially overpriced work done by you, or they can pay another dentist for a second opinion. The last thing you want is for your patient to wind up feeling manipulated by a lack of information.

The Best Solutions for Your Dental Practice

How can you avoid that? You can have a script you follow while discussing treatment options that reminds you to speak in plain English. You can use a treatment glossary written for patients. You can have more information on your website that ties medical codes and medical descriptions to pages that can be understood by anyone. Ultimately, the best method for your dental practice will depend on your particular habits and the resources you already have in place.

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-The TGNA Team

Lisa Philip