How to be Resilient

April 24, 2023by Lisa Philp

What does it mean to be resilient? When you are resilient, you are able to bounce back from frustrations and setbacks, by adapting and moving forward. Resilience is the ability to function well in the face of adversity. Resilience encompasses four areas: mental, physical, social and spiritual; balancing these four components will help strengthen your life. Mental is the ability to effectively cope with mental stressors and challenges. Physical is the ability to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors. Social is the ability to network. Spiritual is the ability to adhere to beliefs, principles or values need to overcome and prevail in accomplishing goals.

This may come naturally to some people, but for most of us, resilience is a learned skill, which we develop by practicing. While we may not wish for obstacles to come our way, each one is a new opportunity to approach challenges with resourcefulness with a positive mindset.

Tips to practice resilience

Anticipate Challenges:  Focus your mind on the positive ways you can meet them, in opposed to possible negative outcomes. This provides a feeling of having control of the situation and reduces your overwhelm

Overcome Fear: Most of us feel fear when faced with a challenge. The simplest way to face that fear head-on is to start with a “baby step” that will lead you into the direction you would like to go.  Ask yourself. “What is the smallest thing I can do right now to get going?” Once you have thought of something, do it!  Keep going, one step at a time.

Encourage Yourself: Remind yourself that you have been through difficult times before and you WILL get through this difficult time and grow in strength as a result. Focus your mind on the solution.  Speak to yourself “I can handle this and I will handle this”

Seek out Solutions:  Trying to take on everything yourself can lead to becoming overwhelmed and frustrated.  Seeking out the advice of an expert may be the most direct route to success. Whether you are looking for a targeted training solution for a specific need, or a strategic coaching and mentoring program, we are here to help!

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Lisa Philp