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Dental Speakers Testimonials

Dental Speakers Testimonials


  • Lisa Philp

    Ron McLean

    Thank you, (Lisa Philp) for a wonderful day yesterday. I can’t imagine how much energy that takes. You really “Bring It”.

    I had nothing but glowing feedback. Many experience participants said it was the best course they had attended.

  • Feedback from Lisa Philp’s Effective Communication Workshop for the Ontario Dental Association, Feb 2017

    ODA Workshop
    11.)  Poll Question How would you rate your overall impression of the quality of this workshop? (multiple choice)
    Very High 27 50%
    High 20 37.04%
    Medium 7 12.96%
    Low 0 0%
    Very low 0 0%
    Totals 54 100%


    12.)  Poll Question How would you rate Lisa Philp as a speaker? (multiple choice)
    Excellent 33 61.11%
    Very good 16 29.63%
    Good 3 5.56%
    Fair 2 3.70%
    Poor 0 0%
    Totals 54 100%

    Comment #1:

    Great job Lisa! Loved your presentation! Good luck in tougher and tougher dentistry! Excellent Suggestions

    Comment #2:

    Suggestion: This was a GREAT intro… Perhaps to create a follow up workshop to get more practice and more specific.

    Comment #3:

    Absolutely fantastic speaker. I was fading towards the end on a Friday afternoon.

  • Crystal Casciano, Professional Relations Coordinator

    Randolph Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Randolph, NJ USA
    “Lisa Philp is a dynamic, engaging speaker that we had the pleasure to present for our April 2017  Practice Management Seminar in New Jersey.  Her presentation “The Ultimate Synergistic Team” was received by our audience of 243 attendees as empowering and highly motivating.  The material truly resonated with our audience of doctors and staff, many of whom are looking to maximize their potential as a team.  In her very lively, energizing session, Lisa gave them insight and most importantly, actionable suggestions on using individual strengths to work towards a common vision.”
  • Dr. Brad and Gail Morlock | Intermountain Odontology Study Club

    Lewiston, ID, USA

    Dear Nancy and Benco Dental Co.:

    Many, many “Thank You’s” go out to you and your company for the sponsorship of Lisa Philp’s seminar to our study club. We appreciate your support of this quality educational CE. We thoroughly enjoyed Lisa’s presentation and are considering having her back again to present next study club year.

    Again, thank you for making this happen.

  • Andrew J. H. Locke, Nobel Biocare Canada

    Qualicum Beach, BC Canada

    Dear Collegue,

    Lisa’s delivery of her unique program I found to be extremely valuable. It requires a broad foundation of the communication skills we hope to have our clients take into their respective practices. There are times that she was challenged by her audience, but she brings them back. Not quite the Gordon Ramsey of communications skills thankfully. However, the return swing of “buy-in” is just as dramatic.

    I was specifically looking for goal setting for the practices to take away, with time lines. Typically we present Nobel Institute in a power point format on a Thursday night or Friday afternoon. By the time Monday comes around, the one to three things that you hoped they would get from the program have evaporated and it is business as usual. I have also picked up on a couple of simple incentive programs that the Dentist can implement without having the rest of the office privy to the more private information on the practice.

    Thanks again.

  • Zach Reynolds, Practice Development Consultant

    Mountain, Nobel Biocare USA LLC


    As you already know the Nobel Institute content is very powerful stuff, especially when delivered the way Lisa Philp does. Dr. Ross is just one of the many clinicians and team members that attended our meeting in Denver that found significant value in the message and content.

    Thank You,

  • Wendy, Practice Manager, Scotia Dental

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you again for the awesome presentation… I put my new “tools” to work immediately. It is amazing how much people do change once we have changed ourselves. Listening is a skill, and does take time to learn. I was surprised by just how much I was able to take away from the two days.

    My Goal now, is to motivate my team and pass on the positive energy and enthusiasm I gained.

    Lisa, the reason for my email is not only to thank you but to inquire how I could get my hands on your book. I thought we would have had one in our collection, but alas no. Thank you in advance for your help with this.

    Hope all is well in your “igloo”.

  • Dr. Michael Stronczek, Summit Hygiene Study Club

    Lisa, Thank you so much! We had a blast last night and loved your presentation. Your thoughts and comments were spot on!

  • Julie Kamp, Coordinator | Northern Virginia Implant Study Club

    Burke, VA, USA

    Completely flawless; Lisa’s program was relevant and fun. The doctors were both engaged and laughing. We would love to have her back.

  • Bev Fredsberg, Field Sales Consultant | Henry Schein Canada

    Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Program was amazing. The response to Lisa Philp was over the top. She held her audience.

  • Dr. Fred Marra, General Dentist | Capital District Continuum (Seattle Study Club)

    Cohoes, NY, USA

    Thank you for an energetic meeting filled with poignant information that I truly believe that every team member could bring home and use on Monday morning.

  • Arsela Hoxhaj, Program Manager | ODA – Ontario Dental Association

    Toronto, ON, Canada

    We have worked with Lisa Philp to deliver educational programs to our members for a few years now. Her contribution at each of our seminars has been outstanding and the evaluations always reflect that. She’s such a charismatic, knowledgeable and humorous speaker! It is a pleasure to work with Lisa and her staff, who are always keen to help and respond to our demands.

  • Steve Jennex, Executive Director | Nova Scotia Dental Association

    Halifax, NS, Canada

    At it’s June, 2015 Annual General meeting, the NSDA featured Lisa as our headliner. By all accounts, it was one of our best decisions ever on an AGM speaker. Lisa was entertaining, informative and kept the crowd energized and involved. We would not hesitate to have her back again.


  • Nora Aquino, Mancini Parodontie et Implantologie

    Montreal, QC, Canada

    Even after a long day of work, everyone left with a smile on their face with incredible feedback. Lisa; you truly have a gift to make everyone feel important and make each member of the team feel that they can contribute and make a difference in the success of the practice. Your positive and uplifting energy is contagious and motivating.

  • Mark Lounsbury, Chairman’s Club, Benco Dental

    MI, USA

    Lisa Philp delivered her A-game. She went from 9am until 4:30pm. No one left or was ready to leave when she finished. We received several comments regarding her presentations energy, excitement and motivation.

  • Mari Lepa | Richmond Hill Dental Study Club

    Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

    It was the pleasure of the Richmond Hill Dental Study Club to have Lisa Philp address our November ’14 study club meeting. As always, Lisa brought insights that each of us could implement into our practice the very next day. Lisa’s advice and recommendations are always relevant and delivered with intelligence and humour.

  • Emily Still, Shenandoah Valley Dental Society

    Ashland, VA, USA

    Transitions Group is a great company to work with. Melanie was very helpful and stayed in contact from the time of booking to even after the event. Our participants really enjoyed their day with Lisa Philp and were able to take away some very helpful tips to incorporate into their office.

  • Kathleen M. Moore, Executive Director | 3rd District Dental Society

    NY, USA

    Lisa’s presentation was a hit. We received many calls from satisfied attendees complimenting Lisa’s professional attitude and the vast information she presented. We will be happy to invite Lisa back to present to our Greater Capital District Dental Symposium again.

  • Teresa F. Ravert, Executive Director | Philadelphia County Dental Society

    Philadelphia, PA, USA

    We want to thank you for a wonderful session yesterday with the members of the Philadelphia County Dental Society. Lisa, you really kept everyone in their seats. As I mentioned, our group is not good about filling in evaluations, but several people told me and other of our officers how much they enjoyed the program and that it gave them some great ideas not just for their practice, but for their personal lives.

    Scott and Jeff, we are so appreciative that Benco facilitated Lisa’s participation. Our CE programs have been successful due in large part to the participation of companies that help us bring outstanding speakers to our members. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Lisa, hope your drive to the airport was less adventurous than your trip from Horsham to the hotel and that your trip home was pleasant.

    Thanks, again, to all of you for your help.

  • Lawrence St. Pierre, DDS Prosthodontist

    Barrie, ON, Canada

    Hi Lisa,

    After 39 years of practicing dentistry and 35 years of marriage, my patients and wife will thank Lisa for making me take the time to listen more and interrupt less so that I really hear what they are trying to tell me.

  • Nikki Yankton, Oral Surgery Associates

    Thank you for the wonderful presentation; I have had many positive reviews! I hope to have you back soon!

  • Dr. Mark Schambra, Middlesex County Dental Society

    Lisa, thank you for an engaging, and entertaining series of presentations for our County Dental Society members. Thank you!

  • Dr. Philip A. Novack, DDS, Cert, Perio. | Toronto Academy of Dentistry Chair Winter Clinic 2013

    Toronto, ON, Canada

    Dear Lisa,

    As Chair of Toronto Academy of Dentistry, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your presentation of “Generation Diversity – Bridging the Gap” at Winter Clinic 2013. In my capacity as Chair, I had an opportunity to observe all the lectures and presentations on November 8th 2013 and noted that yours was particularly well received. As a clinician and educator actively involved in continuing education and seminar presentation, I am very sensitive to the enormous time and effort that goes into every lecture. Both the dentists and the staff who were present at your lecture appreciated your insight, knowledge and research grounded advice.

  • Melissa Sattler | Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery

    Richmond, VA, USA

    I plan continuing education events for a large group of oral surgeons and we were looking for a speaker to offer a fresh perspective on implant case presentation for our referring doctors and their teams, and Lisa exceeded our expectations! She is an energetic, dynamic and engaging speaker who inspired us to think differently about how we relate to, and communicate with, our patients. Lisa has a million great ideas… and she has such a complete understanding of how things work in dentistry that she can be incredibly creative in offering suggestions to make our existing systems work better. I’d even call her a dental chair “psychologist” because she understands what motivates us to make decisions, especially in the dental environment. We liked her so much we brought her back for a second program.

  • Steve Swissman | Dimensional Management

    Avenel, NJ, USA

    This is our 2nd seminar given by Lisa Philp from the Transitions Group. It was a Customer Service Seminar for over 30 Management personnel. Lisa provided communication skills and problem solving techniques to our Managers to be able to address practical day to day situations that occur in each of our offices. Each one of our Managers came away with key points and methods that they are enthusiastic to implement into their offices. Our company is looking forward to our 3rd Seminar with Lisa Philp later this year.

  • Carlos

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your talk. It has been very useful already. I believe we have 6 People Papers. We instituted all the changes that we discussed. Vilma is doing the initial presentation in her office. Jazmin is the doing the greeting as we discussed. We are using the people paper. We are showing the videos after we meet with the patient. We are more aware of body language (ours and the patient), we are listening, etc, etc, etc. Today was consult day. We are doing surgery tomorrow, so Gary, Anita and Jenny will have a chance to put their new found knowledge to work.

    Looking forward to meeting with you again.


  • Lisa Philp

    Ron McLean

    Thank you, (Lisa Philp) for a wonderful day yesterday. I can’t imagine how much energy that takes. You really “Bring It”.

    I had nothing but glowing feedback. Many experience participants said it was the best course they had attended.

  • Laurence H Stone DDS | Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

    Doylestown, PA USA

    Ultimate Synergistic Team

    Every practice dentist should have this information committed to memory and use it every day!

  • Dr. Ernie Philpott, McLeod Dental Care

    Niagara Falls, ON Canada

    21 Irrefutable Laws of the Dental Practice: Proven Success

    Dynamic, to the point, practical, enlightening. Interesting and Educational.

  • Marilyn Donati | Fortner Dentistry

    Lubbock, TX USA

    5 Engines that Drive a Dental Practice

    Finally a program that was informative, inspirational, applicable & dynamic!

  • Krystal Ledesma, Receptionist |Joel Casler DDS

    Lubbock, TX USA

    5 Engines that Drive a Dental Practice

    Lisa Philp was amazing! Loved her enthusiasm.

  • Jacynthe Munger, RDH | Centre Dentaire Carre Leonard Trudel

    Laval, Quebec, Canada

    Your energy level is incredible. Very interesting from start to finish. I wish all my team was here to listen to you.

  • Annie Briseboise, Front Desk | Clinique Dentaire France Gascon

    Ste-Geneviève, Quebec, Canada

    Case Acceptance for Yes

    I loved it! A lot of new tricks to help me do my job as well as I would like to do it!

  • Melody Marrell, Dental Assistant | Clinique Dentaire France Gascon

    Ste-Geneviève, Quebec, Canada

    Case Acceptance for Yes

    Thank you; a complete course that really answered my questions and met my expectations.

  • Dr. France Gascon | Clinique Dentaire France Gascon

    Ste-Geneviève, Quebec, Canada

    Case Acceptance for Yes

    Perfect day to bond with team-progress! Thank you for this wonderful and dynamic day!

  • Dr. Carmen Gilles | Northend Dental

    Saskatoon, SK, Canada

    Such an incredible speaker!! Loved Lisa; bring her back for longer!!

  • Heidi Spothelfer, Office Manager | Oxana & Ong DDS

    Seal Beach, CA, USA

    GREAT speaker with a wonderful twist on what we go through in the dental practices.

  • Joe Dardis, Practice Development Consultant

    Dear Lisa

    I stopped by Dr. Johnson’s office and they have completed five “People Papers” (this includes the other ‘Silo’ Dr. Tahara). They started within 24 hours and have completed the challenge in a week. Dr. Johnson and Jackie (Implant Coordinator) said they really enjoyed the day and are excited for your return to their office.

    Best Regards,

  • Stacy Peruzzi, Coordinator | Winnebagoland Dental Study Club

    Oshkosh, WI, USA

    Lisa kept the crowd going with her energy.

  • Chelsea, Business & Social Media Coordinator | Total Wellness Dentistry

    Bellflower, CA, USA

    Absolutely loved this. I’ve been to a fair amount of seminars and this was both enjoyable and motivating!

  • Dr. Brian Hughsam

    Scarborough, ON, Canada

    It was a pleasure being in attendance for your tremendously entertaining and educational talk this morning. You have inspired me to give more time and planning to more appreciate my team. Keep doing what you are doing because it is great!

  • Michele S. Tratos, DDS

    Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Fun & uplifiting, packed with useful information

  • Sara Smith, Aaron Taffs DDS | Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

    Laramie, WY, USA

    Dear Lisa,

    Very informative and funny. I am looking forward to dental school now, rather than being fearful of the business aspect.

  • Monique Moen, Schaefer, Kaines & Barker

    Ultimate Synergistic Team

    Listening to Lisa is not a chore. She is so engaging; she is empowered & empowering.

  • Scot, Ascot Family Dental

    Roseville, CA USA

    Ultimate Synergistic Team

    Great enthusiasm & energy! Honest and Valuable.

  • Deb Humann, RDH

    Ultimate Synergistic Team

    Riveting-great analogies, very honest.


  • Stacy Revoir, RDH, Midwest Dental

    St. Cloud, MN, USA

    Ultimate Synergistic Team

    Great Speaker! Real Topics for real lives. Loved her analogies for clinical experiences.


  • Jessica Feucon, Lakeridge Dental

    5 Engines that Drive a Dental Practice

    Best course I’ve ever attended!

  • Dr. Todd Kandl

    Generational Diversity

    Great presentation! Material was both entertaining and yet so useful to our everyday practice.

  • Beth Weatherholt, Marble Hill Orthodontics

    Generational Diversity

    Wonderful Speaker! Opened my eyes to better communication with the younger generation and how to utilize social media better.

  • Angelica Zarazua | Patrick Yoshikane DDS

    Orange, CA, USA

    What an amazing lecture. Love the speaker and the material. Kept it fun and entertaining.

  • Eileen Erickson | Innisfail Family Dental

    Innisfail, AB Canada

    This was excellent… awesome presenters with useful information shared.


    Coming Soon!!