Dental Retreat Workshop

Dental CE Workshop Testimonials

Dental CE Workshop Testimonials

  • Lyndsy Stephen, Office Manager

    North Bay, ON Canada

    Workshop: Ideal Management: Leadership Traits.

    “This workshop was invaluable. Lisa Philp is so charismatic and knowledgeable, with a deep understanding of people. She provides the necessary tools needed to be successful in a professional atmosphere, which can be applied in day to day life.”

  • -Jeanie Manone, Eglinton Way Dentistry

    Toronto, ON, Canada

    Workshop: Ideal Management: Leadership Traits.

    “Lisa’s energy & enthusiasm is contagious and she inspired me to be better at what I do.”

  • Rakisha Cromwell, Team Leader, Grover Dental Care

    Hamilton, ON, Canada

    Workshop: Ideal Management: Leadership Traits.

    “This was the best seminar I’ve been to; very informative and eye-opening.”

  • -Nicole Dumas, Office Manager Dental Image Therapy Centre

    Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    Workshop: Ideal Management: Leadership Traits.

    “This is by far the best course I have been to in my 15+ year dental career. Very engaging & provided a lot of insight.”


  • Nikki Scott | Cataraqui Dental Centre

    Kingston, ON, Canada

    Workshop: Treatment Coordinator

    Most worthwhile workshop in 20 years. Dynamic, fun presentation.

  • Kelly Davey | Kerhoulas Dental

    Workshop: Case Presentation

    Lisa Philp is very interesting – a great teacher, with awesome energy!

  • Lisa Santos | Dufferin Dental

    Workshop: Case Presentation

    Enjoyed the energy from Lisa and coaches-great tools.

  • Michelle Grimard | Hanover Dental

    Workshop: Case Presentation

    The wins were numerous-fantastic workshop!

  • Bianca Ludwig | Blue Spruce Dental

    Michigan Center, MI, USA

    Workshop: Treatment Coordinator

    Linda is amazing! Thanks for making the workshop so fun.

  • Teresa Boisvert | South Lyon Dental Care

    South Lyon, MI, USA

    Workshop: Treatment Coordinator

    This is a lot of fantastic information! I have learned so much that I can see will help us to get better. Thank you!

  • Kim Ann Hearty | Orleans Garden Dental Centre

    Orleans, ON, Canada

    Workshop: Treatment Coordinator

    I did this workshop a month or so ago in Ottawa and it literally changed the way I look and present to my patients! Linda was PHENOMINAL!

  • Kathy Chiasson | Dr. John L. Chiasson Dentistry

    Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada

    Workshop: Treatment Coordinator

    The workshop exceeded my expectations, from the topics to the group activities. I learned much more than what I expected to. It was excellent. Thank you.

  • Dr. Karen Ho | Dentistry On Parkdale

    Hamilton, ON, Canada

    Workshop: Treatment Coordinator

    Linda and her team were Awesome! Lots of great information and very pleasant and fun to spend a couple days with.

  • Shannon Smith | Gallery Dental

    Carman, MB, Canada

    Workshop: Treatment Coordinator & Case Presentation

    Thank you Linda! My first experience with Transitions was positive, encouraging & educational! I feel empowered to be a great Treatment Coordinator and provide value to our team!

  • Dr. Cherilyn Sterling-Case | Sterling Dentistry

    Brampton, ON, Canada

    Workshop: Treatment Coordinator & Case Presentation

    Exceptionally captivating. & engaging. This has been a most valuable investment of time to learn the mastery of Treatment Coordination. The program was presented such that the team was encouraged and excited to return to the office and start implementing these realistic systems that will greatly reduce our stress and maximize efficiency & profitability. Thanks a million Linda.

  • Rose Dinsmore | Market Street Dental Group

    Brantford, ON, Canada

    Workshop: Treatment Coordinator & Case Presentation

    Entertaining and enjoyable….never a dull moment…

  • Cathy Cowdyk | Dr. Maqueira’s Practice

    Workshop: Office Mangers

    I left feeling refreshed, excited and more confident about my role as an office manager.

  • Lee Gilholly | Place D’Orleans Dental

    Workshop: Office Mangers

    Great team leaders. Great, love the positive energy and most of all the new wonderful people we meet.

  • Laurie Blechman | Dental Arts of Rockland

    Workshop: Transformational Leadership

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait till next year’s retreat. We both think it should be an annual gathering. I can’t put my binder down. There is so much “meat” in between the lines. We are so grateful for Lisa. We are so excited about all of you at Transitions and look forward to our journey of awareness and continued success!!!

  • Dr. Juno Park

    Workshop: Transformational Leadership

    Deeply moving and profound. An intense experience that proves everyone is a great leader if one has the courage to uncover and embrace the authenticity of one’s true self. Lisa was amazing. Her approach was honest, heartfelt, and truly inspirational. This course is a must in your journey of discovering your greatness as person and a leader.

  • Dr. Gary Williams

    Workshop: Transformational Leadership

    I would like to thank you all who worked and planned for the Leadership Retreat that Curtis and I attended. We both felt like it was an awesome weekend of not just learning but experiencing a new awareness of our mode of operation and why we do and react the way we do. We are excited to apply the Kolbe analysis to our team dynamics and help out team be all we can be. Lisa did a wonderful job leading our weekend and it was also wonderful to meet and interact with all who were there! We are definitely interested in an advanced retreat with the same group.

  • Dr. Douglas Mason

    Workshop: Transformational Leadership

    I attended Lisa Philp’s leadership course on June 6, 7 and 8th and would simply have to say that it far exceeded all my expectations. She presented the concepts and principles necessary for each of us to be leaders based on our specific strengths, personalities and values rather than just providing specific techniques or ‘cookie cutter’ formulas. It was truly a life skill experience.

  • Natacha Grant | Dr Gravel’s Practice

    Kapuskasing, ON, Canada

    Linda and Marilyn: once again you have managed to inspire us. Thanks for filling our buckets.

  • Audra Lawlor | Airport Heights Dental

    St. John’s, NL, Canada

    I have attended several leadership programs and I was very impressed with this one, the leaders and how it was presented. I have a ton of ideas for when I go back to discuss with the doctor.

  • Karen Hammond, RDH

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    An excellent weekend! Motivating to overcome all patient behavior and personality types. Lisa taught me how to customize my approach to obtain the results of the patient acceptance.

  • Amy Flexhaug, RDH

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    This course is full of great communication ideas that will help our team and patients understand each other more clearly.

  • Dr. Michel Gravel

    Kapuskasing, ON, Canada

    Great workshop, lots of information. It only makes me want to learn more!

  • Jeannie Gough

    Val Caron, Ontario, Canada

    This is an awesome course for the entire team. If you are looking for peace in your life and the time to do actual dentistry, your team needs these tools.