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February 26, 2018by Lisa Philp

This is an amazing world we live in today. Look what has happened over the last 20 years; from the internet being established to cell phones being a part of our everyday lives. We are connected more and more to what we hear and see every day. Where have you come along in dentistry?

Dentistry itself is going through a digital revolution. At this point in time in your life are you embracing that digital revolution? Are you minimally invasive? Are you treating the disease that we deal with every day with the best tools possible? So often in dentistry today we stay stuck with our traditional beliefs and techniques, not making any changes to how we treat dentistry or dental disease.

Consider periodontal disease; are we still treating it with currettes? Are we still removing bone to improve cleansing of the area? Or have you started to embrace technology that will actually regenerate the bone in a periodontal pocket? Yes, regenerate bone! You can do that in general practice today using the lasers that are available to us. Lasers come as a soft tissue diode laser or the hard tissue erbium laser.

Both of these lasers help us treat dental disease at the earliest possible stage, where we should be treating and not waiting for the disease to progress to such an extent that we have to recontour the bone to provide hygienic access.

At the seminars we are providing, you will learn how to use the laser technology to your benefit in your periodontal program, where to use it, how to use it and what the expectations are. Both the hygienist and the doctor will improve his/her clinical technique. The doctor will improve his/her surgical technique. The office will improve overall return on investment made in the technology

The courses that are available are basic/initial laser certification as well as further incorporating lasers into a periodontal program. Check us out and see where we go where you can go from there!

Dr. Labrecque’s workshops will be at the TGNA Training Center.

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Author: Dr. Brad Labrecque

Dr. Brad Labrecque was one of the first dentists in Canada to incorporate the WaterLase in private practice. Dr. Labrecque is a founding member of the World Congress of Microdentistry. He lectures and trains clinicians worldwide on laser – assisted dentistry.



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