Patient Retention & Reactivation

Description: Effective Patient Retention and Reactivation in today’s world requires managing the schedule with techniques that facilitate planning, preparation, and managing treatment, all while ensuring sufficient measures are in place to limit contact. Effective hygiene systems play a crucial role in patient retention, supported by use of automation and contact systems to notify patients of appointments and scheduling of procedures. Similarly, Patient Reactivation systems must be built using a dedicated process that ensures effective communication and allows for effective quantitative measurement of results.
Upon completion of this course the learner will:
    • Gain an understanding of the crucial role hygiene retention has as the  lifeblood of your practice and the difference between Proactive and Reactive Patient Retention.
    • Learn and follow effective steps to retain patients Learn to Reactivate patients.
    •  Implementing a dedicated process.
    • Applying verbal/communication skills.
    • Dedicated time allocation.
    • Implement steps to measure results.