Engineering a Blocked Schedule




The scheduling of appointments is the heartbeat of a dental practice. It is the driving pulse that maintains a healthy life for the practice. The appointment book is a direct reflection of the health of the practice. Identifying your scheduling challenges and gaps, and adopting and implementing effective scheduling, is essential to support improved efficiency, which can lead to increased productivity. The ability to schedule new, continuing care, and emergency patients in a manner that allows for production maximization, is clearly essential in every practice.

Upon completion of this course the learner will:

  • Score yourself with understanding of patient volume and visits
  • Identify your awareness of scheduling essentials
  • Ask yourself what is causing you challenges now?
  • Understand the benefits of effective scheduling for efficiency

Learn How to engineer the restorative appointment schedule:

  • Set up for each provider based on production goals (worksheet included)
  • Identify types of procedure blocks¬†in the dentistry
  • Determine where to place primary blocks
  • Understand how to manage the blocks and fill them as needed
  • Communicate effectively with the dental team — alternative choice verbal skills