Your Practice’s Visual Impression!

March 28, 2019by Lisa Philip

In the world of dentistry, your patients do not have a true way to evaluate the quality of services you provide. They can’t do this as they don’t have the experience of a dentist or someone in the field to understand the quality of your work. Therefore they must rely on other factors such as the friendliness of your staff, how well your team gets along, what your office looks like, how clean it is and the list goes on!

The truth is that your dental practice’s image makes a big impact on your patient’s experience. It’s essential to make your office a reflection of you and your team’s personality. If you have the opportunity to upgrade your office design, the investment can be a good idea to positively impact your patient experience! Whether you are able to do a complete revamp or make small changes, you can change your patient’s visual experience. For example, the difference from removing an old shaggy carpet and replacing it with a clean hardwood or tile can help modernize a space. Placing new and bright signage can also be a game changer!

It is within human nature to “judge a book by its cover”. The same holds true with your dental practice! Take a moment to consider, what is your practice’s image saying to the patient? At TGNA we can help with your practice’s brand messaging. Contact our team to discuss the right impression strategy through dental practice management.

-The TGNA Team

Lisa Philip