Why Should You Score and Rank Your Dental Practice?

June 3, 2019by Lisa Philp
Why Should You Score and Rank Your Dental Practice?

Managing a successful dental practice requires more than just medical qualifications and skills. A clinic is like any other business, and it needs to be appropriately managed in order to achieve the most success. At TGNA Dental Practice Management Services, we encourage dentists to score and rank their business, here are some reasons why:

Provides Insight into Your Clinic

Scoring and ranking provide a unique insight into your clinic and how successful it is compared to your competitors. You can get information regarding your revenue, profits, patients, inventory, capacity, team performance, and several other factors. This will also help you be able to compare these results to the average dental practices in your area. These results can help you optimize your practice and improve revenue.

Set Goals

Once you know how many patients you can handle, you can set goals to improve the current intake through targeted marketing campaigns. For example, if you can deal with 50 patients but only get 10, you can design campaigns to draw untapped consumers like the elderly or teenagers. You can also set goals for your staff and improve productivity.

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-TGNA Practice Management Team

Lisa Philp