What Makes Your Dental Practice Unique?

April 25, 2019by Lisa Philp

Managing or owning a dental practice is no easy task. There is a multitude of things to consider to make sure your practice is successful. To establish your practice as a leader in your area, you need to identify your unique competitive advantages. What makes your practice unique?

Ask yourself is it your range of services, extended hours, modern office, what you offer to patients when they arrive, digital reminders? It can be several things you may want to share as unique selling points to attract new patients and retain current ones.

Once you decide on your unique selling points, you should consistently promote them through dental advertising campaigns and patient interactions. Remember to focus on the patient perspective instead of the “we do this” strategy, as discussed by Dentistry Today. Always tie back your selling points to the patient’s benefit. Write out messages as simple as possible and reduce the industry jargon. Utilize dental newsletters, postcards, website, brochures and social media to send your messages. Build awareness around what you offer and remind your demographic why you are the choice they should choose.

Contact us at TGNA to learn more about how to deliver strong messages about your unique selling points as a practice. We are happy to help partner with you to make your practice thrive!

-The TGNA Team

Lisa Philp