What Can You Learn From a Dental Practice Consultant?

January 18, 2018by Lisa Philip

As a dental practice consulting team, we understand that there are many extensions and things to understand about the field of dentistry. A dentist has essentially undergone extensive education to learn the skills of dentistry. However, running a dental practice encompasses many aspects of business and patient care that have not necessarily been studied in depth. To have a successful practice or to further develop your practice, let us understand what you can learn from a dental practice consultant.

A dental practice consultant gives a dentist perspective regarding the practice’s operational and business aspects. They will help discover and set realistic goals pertaining to the practice’s needs. In addition, dental consultants are trained to find weak spots, frame a vision, set tangible goals and provide the equipment to implement and stick to your strategies long-term.


Some initial areas to review are:

  • Information Gaps: Everyone has information gaps in their practice between what they know and what they do. A dental practice consultant will analyze these gaps.
  • Opportunities for Action: Most people won’t take action unless there is something at stake. A dental practice consultant will analyze what actions are being missed.

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Lisa Philip