Transitions Group partners with Jameson Management to support North American Dentistry

As you are aware, Transitions Group of Canada has been a first responder and on-call 24/7 to support dental professionals using our COVID-19 Survival Guide.

As an essential service, Transitions has realized the vastness of direction North American dentistry needs with an advisor, consultant or coach.

Hence why, we are pleased to announce in this critical time to collaborate, a partnership with Jameson Management. The history, synergy, philosophy and client results make Jameson Management the ideal resource for coaching and marketing dental practices in the United States.

Please see below for an insightful post from our colleague, Carrie Webber, at Jameson Management. Feel free to contact their team here.

Idle Time, Frantic Minds
Steering Your Dental Practice Through The Big Pause
By Carrie Webber of Jameson Management

As you sit and read this message, every dental colleague in the United States, Canada and beyond are experiencing what can only be described as The Big Pause of dental services and dental care as we know it. Limited by healthcare and health organizations’ recommendations and government mandates, here we sit doing the best we can to ride out the storm that is the COVID-19 shutdown.

Yes, I suppose we all are being guided to take comfort in knowing that we are all in this together, and it is something we must shoulder and wait out. But, how do we tell our minds and our hearts to just sit and wait while our practices sit dark and quiet, our teams sit at home wondering what awaits them in the future, and our financial futures look like murky waters with no clear vision of what is to come?

At Jameson, our 30 years of coaching dentists and teams have seen our clients navigate natural disasters, personal upheavals, recessions, country-wide tragedy, illnesses and more – and we have learned, while it is not easy, the pillars on which a healthy practice stands through the storms of life are built on the foundations of leadership, grit and perseverance – holding true to adaptation and execution when the time comes to answer the call to lead.

So, what do you do now as you sit and wait?

  • Give daily focus to your business and plan for the future. Take CE courses, update yourself on the current state of affairs and determine any next steps that need to be made for financial stability, reach out to your experts, advisors and mentors for continued guidance, reach out to your team members with personal messages to check on their well-being, stay in contact with your patients through email and social media. Don’t disappear. Don’t hide. Be present for your practice. As Simon Sinek recently stated, “Keep physically distant and stay socially close.” I think that is the perfect summary for how our presence as leaders for ourselves, our teams, our patients and our community is powerful during times of silence. People need to hear from and be connected to their leaders during times of crisis. Focus your energy on the best possible presence for those that look to you as a leader in their lives – both your team and your patients.
  • Give daily focus to your personal self-care. Read healthy content, learn from your trusted resources, limit external noise, eat healthy food, rest, create a routine and follow it as if this were your normal daily life. Check-in on your loved ones and reach out to people in your professional circle. Stay connected and stay focused on taking good care of yourself. The day will come when your practice re-opens, and you must be ready to step into that space and go full force into recovery and balancing the scale. It will take a great deal of energy, focus and effort. Rest and prepare today in order to be ready for tomorrow.
  • Give daily grace to yourself for what you can control and what you cannot. Focus on that which you can control. Plan as best as you can for the future and relinquish the pain of the uncontrollable pause that is the present. We will return to practice. It may look different. It may take new focus, new systems, new verbal skills – focus on those scenarios and skills now and take control of your frantic mind through the discipline of learning, planning, refining, connection and leadership.

Jameson Management is proud to partner with Transitions Group to provide resources and support to dentists in the United States, now and into the future. For more information on the resources Jameson is providing during the COVID-19 crisis, visit and access our marketing, coaching and industry expert resources complementary to you.

Together, Transitions Group and Jameson Management are prepped and ready to be guides for you through the pause and into your practice re-entry. Here’s to focusing on the future as we steer our ships through The Big Pause.

Please stay tuned for joint webinars starring Carrie Webber of Jameson Management and Lisa Philp of Transitions Group.