Overload is everywhere and more and more people are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, depressed and burned out with all that is coming at them in both their personal and work lives.

Between the massive amounts of new information, the speed of technology, alarming pace of change, politics, economy, reduced social connection, use of electronics, the need to do it all and constant demands on us to juggle everything at once, is having an impact on our relationships and overall wellness.

Overload has a measurable and a significant impact on our physical, mental and emotional health and more and more studies show that many of us are overwhelmed and feeling defeated, stressed, anxious and frustrated with what needs to get done.

There are ways and strategies to overcome and unload the OVERLOAD, which I have learned along my journey, that are worth addressing to cope and stay healthy. Stay tuned for several strategies of how to UNLOAD your OVERLOAD and take control of your life in the upcoming weeks.

To begin and prepare, it doesn’t require you actually do anything different; it begins with a change of your mindset to focus on what we CAN CONTROL and let go of what we CANNOT CONTROL. We all can fall into the trap of frustration about the things we can’t control such as the weather, cancelled flights, traffic jams, in-laws, judgment of our parenting style or a negative co-worker.

Take the example of a negative co-worker; you can’t control how they behave or what they say, but you can control how you react to them. Take control by saying, “I can’t change how they act, however, I can make sure if doesn’t ruin my day.”

By letting go of what we can NOT control and focus on what we CAN we learn to be more flexible, resilient and less stressed and, therefore, happier and more productive.

Share – Feel free to share with your family, colleagues and friends so we all can make it through what we can’t control of constant overload happening all around us.