Alarm is being spread throughout the dental industry, due to the increasing number of practices being closed by Public Health due to improper sterilization and infection concerns. Just this summer, two practices have been temporarily closed in Ontario.

In comparison with the number of practices, this is a low percentage, but, as members of the health community we can all agree, even 1 practice not following safety guidelines is one too many.

While public knowledge through media coverage is essential to keep potentially affected patients advised, it also creates widespread fear, especially in those who already have dental related phobias.

The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario College publicized the reminder that it is the practice’s responsibility to study and follow our Guidelines on Infection Prevention and Control. It is vital that you also meet the standards described by the Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC). Click here to see PIDAC’s best practices and recommendations.

If you are the practice owner, remember that it is also your responsibility to ensure all clinicians and Dental Assistants are also following the guidelines.

We recommend team meetings with all clinicians to review together the PIDAC best practices and ensure protocols and assigned responsibilities are set in place for all to follow. A wise practice to follow is assign two team members the responsibility to ensure the guidelines are being followed meticulously.

The guidelines should be prominently posted in lunch/staff rooms.