While technology helps us work faster, access important information and stay in touch, it also has drawbacks, the most common is information overload.

Too much information all at once may cause feelings of anxiety and loss of focus. The technology that you use to manage your work/home life can begin to manage you.

Some helpful tips for releasing information overload:

Minimize distractions: Set your phone to voicemail and close your email program when you need to work on a particular project or are spending quality family time so you are not tempted to answer every call, text or email. Communicate your need for undisturbed time to co-workers and family members. Politely tell people you are in the middle of something important and can’t talk but you will get back to them later.

Disconnect every day: Reserve some time every day for at least 20 minutes to disconnect from every technological device you own, including phone and television. Use this time to read, take a walk or talk with your partner, family or friends.

Reduce incoming information: Cancel subscriptions to email ads or magazines you don’t read. Avoid giving out your email, mailing address or phone number to retailers who may contact you. Recycle old files and magazines and other sources of information you’ll never get to or no longer need.