“Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine”

Change is everywhere; the economy, the technology, the procedures, products, patient service demands and management philosophies are just a few of the changes that we are seeing every day within the dental industry.

Dentistry is not the only profession seeing huge paradigm shifts and being challenged to change. Never before, have more large and small businesses seen changes in every aspect of what they do and how they do it. These changes are going to require solid assessments, planning, and implementation.

Many dental practices are seeing a significant impact to their revenue and case acceptance. According to a recent CRA report, Ninety-one percent of dentists are feeling impacted by the economy. Out of those, only 50% are doing anything to meet the demands.

As a professional change agent and coach, I can attest to the positive results when a practice proactively & enthusiastically adapts to align with the changing times.

For permanent change to occur, the dental practice must have a synergistic team and solid leadership. Most people see leadership as the art of leading someone else.

Come visit us at the Ontario Dental Associations ASM to look at some of the strategies we’ve found that can make this happen. Success is no fluke. It’s a combination of the right moves, the right training, the right timing, and most important, the right attitude.