On my travels across North America, I am regularly and often asked… “Why so much focus, talk, and attention on the dental team building for practice growth?” My answer is consistently the same: Dentistry is a human capital–people business and the patient’s loyalty, retention, case acceptance and referrals is a direct reflection of the dental team and what they believe, behave and communicate with others.

We have learned one key fact; 85% of the dental practice success is related to how well the team works together as a group. 15% of the practice success is based on systems and technical procedures.

A SYNERGISTIC team is a group of people who share a common commitment to progress toward a shared vision and common goals. They work together collaboratively maximizing each person’s knowledge, experience and skills and pool their resources. Each individual gives a part of themselves to the team and, in turn, become confident and encouraged to accept challenges and be trusted with the responsibility to carry out their tasks. This creates a domino effect to occur which becomes contagious as the whole is greater than the sum of the parts;1+1=3. We are better together than apart.

A SYNERGISTIC team knows how to manage stress, time and priorities while solving problems and conflict in an open and safe environment. They are all clear on the values and boundaries while having access to necessary resources. Each member is involved and has a defined role connected to their strengths and weaknesses with specific and attainable goals.

They are aware of what contributes to their success and believe in the vision of the leader. The members are effective speakers and listeners who avoid drama and gossip. They know how to give and receive appreciation and show respect for their peers while meeting regularly to review, celebrate and modify the business metrics.

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An important focus of your dental practice is the team and creating a happy and healthy work environment. This book was written by my mentor, Cathy Jamieson and is one of the best books I have read on the subject.

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