Top 10 Things That Keep Dentists Up At Night

July 20, 2021by Lisa Philip

Top 10 Things That Keep Dentists Up At Night

The following are typical and common challenges we see dentists facing time and time again:

  1. Overhead/Cash Flow
    • What is your break even amount to meet your practice expenses?
  1. Team Synergy/Recruiting
    • What is your greatest challenge that you face with your team during the course of
      the day?
  1. Dealing with Insurance
    • Where does insurance fit in your practice/philosophy?
  1. New Patient Flow/Marketing
    • How many new patients do you get per month and where do they come from?
  1. Hygiene Cancellations/Open Schedule
    • What percentage of your schedule is due to no shows and cancellations?
  1. Expansion/Moving/Renovating
    • Doctor, what is your growth strategy for your practice for the next 3-5 years?
  1. Technology
    • What type of technology do you think will add the most value to your practice?
    • What is your favorite part of technology?
  1. More time off
    • What percentage of your time is free time for work/life balance?
  1. Case Acceptance
    • What type of Dentistry do you love to do most, and is this happening?
  1. Debt and succession planning
    • How many more years do you want to practice?

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