It has been a few weeks of isolation and instead of being bored at home, do something valuable with your time! The key is not continually watch the “death counter” of this virus. Doing that will only depress you and add the stress of the unknown. See the positive and see the NOW, as opposed to worrying about a future we cannot predict. Find ways to feel blessed that you are safe in your home and healthy. You can also make the best of family time, bonding and getting creative with how to function in isolation.

Tips for Coping in Isolation

  • Accept when we are all in the same boat, it will take all of us to stay a float.
  • The “unknown” will cause FEAR, if we rise above fear, we discover OPPORTUNITY.
  • Horrible times happen, nothing is forever.
  • Send first responders in your life a message of appreciation, gratitude and encouragement.
  • Relieve worry with taking it one week at a time.
  • Offer to help your neighbours who are quarantined by getting them groceries.
  • Access your business coaches right now and MAXIMIZE THEM as resource.
  • Catch up on your list of household projects that are incomplete.
  • Paint a room a different color.
  • Focus on what is important.
  • Only watch the news for one hour a day to escape the death counter.
  • Stay positive and lead others with your optimism.
  • Social Distancing doesn’t have to mean Social Isolation.
  • Keep yourself healthy with a routine each day.
  • Catch up with all the friends and family you had no time to when you working.
  • Don’t compare your past feelings to your present feelings.
  • Keep your mind active with learning something new while in isolation.
  • Take care of your own health– wear a fit bit, jump on a trampoline, go for a walk, do some yoga.