The Wonders of Workshop Learning

December 2, 2019by Lisa Philip

Today, there is an abundance of opportunity to learn with endless avenues to get information. Workshops are one of the best educational venues for dental teams, as they promote interaction through facilitation, active participation and peer networking.

Different than lecture-style, training through workshops provide like-minded individuals with the opportunity to learn in group setting where teamwork is essential, much like dentistry. Dentists, assistants, hygienists, even the administration team doesn’t sit and take notes all day. Dental teams thrive by working together to complete tasks as assigned, solve problems as they arise, and communicate with each other as well as their patients. Workshops, like dentistry, require a proactive, collaborative effort to succeed.

Workshops also invite opportunity to tap into diverse strengths and a variety of experience levels, amplifying the achievement of positive learning outcomes. The combination of experience that veterans bring along with the innovation often sparked by novice-inspired ideas stimulates networking for continued learning and often encourages mentorships.

Learning together as a group sharing information and personal experience increases engagement and maximizes information retention. Workshop training encourages application of knowledge as it provides the ultimate venue for role-playing and demonstrating… much more beneficial and less boring than the monotony of memorizing information.

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