The Important Communication Tool in Your Practice, The Phone

April 11, 2019by Lisa Philip

The telephone in your practice is one of the most important communication tools that you have. The question is, are you making the best use out of it? Are you truly maximizing the benefits you can from your dental practice’s telephone? Let’s understand why this is important and how it can grow your practice.

Did you know that four out of ten potential dental appointments fall through the cracks as a result of poor phone etiquette skills? The phone is your practice’s lifeline to booking new patients and maintaining current ones.

The final closing steps to capturing a new patient can be that very phone call! They can be sold on everything else, your reputation, website and social media, location etc. However, that phone call with your staff can make or break your business with them! Let’s review the factors affecting the call.

Patient experience: If your phone is ringing off the hook, it doesn’t necessarily translate to success for your practice. If the phone isn’t answered, it is even more detrimental if the phone is not answered, considering 87% of potential patients will hang up if they hear a voicemail or are placed on hold. It is important to connect callers to a person who can help answer their questions. Ask questions before placing them on hold, such as their name and what their inquiry is about.

Retention rate can also be affected by telephone calls. A current patient can be frustrated by the inability to get through on a busy line. It is essential that the call is connected quickly and your staff executes with a friendly tone and active listening approach.

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-The TGNA Team

Lisa Philip