The Importance of Improving Patient Experience

May 7, 2019by Lisa Philip

Patients today have many options when it comes to dental offices. They don’t hesitate to switch dentists if they’re not satisfied with the quality of services provided. That’s why it is important to provide great experiences to patients from the get-go. At TGNA Dental Practice Management Services in Burlingtonwe can help! Here are some tips to improve the quality of service in your dental practice:

  1. Trained Professionals for Attending Calls

A patient’s first contact with a dental practice is when they call in for an appointment or consultation. A trained professional knows how to respond to these calls and will make sure the patients have all the help they need. Take the time to train your staff with go-to responses and encourage a friendly tone.

  1. Intake Process

This is especially important with new patients. A friendly and straightforward intake process ensures that patients have a good impression of the practice from the start. Trained staff can ensure your patients are comfortable and have all the information they need regarding your services.

  1. Clinic Environment

If the clinic’s environment is clean, well decorated, and welcoming, patients will be more comfortable during their procedures. This is especially important if your practice caters to children too.

If you want to know learn more about improving growth with your dental practice, contact us at TGNA Dental Practice Management Services in Burlington.

-The TGNA Team

Lisa Philip