WE ARE GOING ON A CRUISE BECAUSE OF YOU! We have been enjoying your Tuesdays with Transitions emails and we have applied a lot of your suggestions to our practice and they do work. We attended your treatment coordinator workshop in 2014 and have incorporated those into our practice as well . Because of all that, we achieved our goal for 2015 after being stagnant for 3 years!!

So this year since the whole team worked so hard to achieve the goal for 2015, we will be taking them on two trips. One is coming up- The Chicago Midwinter Clinic – that was the added bonus award for achieving the 2nd goal on top of our main goal. Our main goal was achieved in 8 months and the prize is a Mediterranean cruise on the Harmony of The Seas this September 11,2016. So all of us will be sailing thanks to your tips and course.