Dear Lisa,

When I first was thinking of buying my practice early in 2006, Jerry Fuller, my Benco rep, had put me in touch with Tom McQuillen, his regional manager. He immediately recommended calling “Lisa Philp, at Transitions Consulting Group” to do a comprehensive practice assessment, which he explained was like a practice “check up”. Being strapped for cash at the time, I delayed calling, fearing it would cost too much. However, after 7 months of dealing with high staff and patient turnover, as well as running ragged every day and going home exhausted and unfulfilled, it was not what I had dreamed of owning my own practice would be. Having been an associate in drastically different practices for 10 years, I had experienced many different management styles, but had no actual management experience myself. I wished I had an MBA! I was very frustrated, and knew I needed to do something different, but didn’t know exactly how or what to do to build my “Dream Team” and practice.

After Tom’s highest recommendations, I finally heard you speak at a local seminar last January. I was inspired! Your energy and enthusiasm filled the room, and made me think about how much I loved dentistry, but how much I still needed to learn about running a business. After listening to you talk about the 21 different drivers of a dental practice, and your Comprehensive Practice Assessment (CPA), it seemed like a good idea to at least see what the evaluation would tell me.

Transitions came out in February to review with my husband Kevin and I, the results of the CPA. I was extremely impressed with how professionally she could interview my employees, and extract the needed information from the existing records. She could evaluate where my practice stood in comparison to others like mine, and where there were areas of potential. She explained the Transitions philosophy, how they could help us improve our systems, and develop my dream team and practice. I expressed my concern with previous “consulting” experiences, wanting nothing to do with a cookie cutter approach. She assured me that Transitions is nothing like that, and is more of a coaching team that works with individual offices and people. There are systems that you recommend, but ultimately, it was up to us to decide how to best tweak the systems to fit our exact needs. She was very thorough, and we signed that night!

Our Transitions Team comes to us, and works with our Team in our everyday surroundings. Unlike other consulting firms, that make you transport your entire team half way across the country to learn at seminars… not very helpful. I truly feel like Transitions is a very integral part of our Team. They are always very supportive and helpful because they know exactly where we’re coming from and can relate to our individual needs and concerns.

Even though we still have much more to learn; through our training sessions learning about behavior styles, verbal techniques, and incorporating more efficient systems, have made our days run much more smoothly. We’ve learned to communicate with our patients more effectively, perform more comprehensive head and neck exams, improve our hygiene program, and schedule more efficiently. After participating with the program for just 6 months, the “staff” has transformed into a Team, and by working together, we’ve increased our production by almost 30%! We’re already at the third tier of estimated growth that TGNA had estimated. I never thought we’d accomplish this level of service and production after such a short period, and I know we would not have could accomplish this without your help. I’m sorry I wasted the first 7 months struggling on my own. I highly recommend your company to everyone I know, and have nothing but positive things to say. I sincerely appreciate everything you have all done for me and my Team. I look forward to a long relationship with Transitions and Benco and a much more rewarding and enjoyable career.