Dear TGNA Team:


What a great experience our signature day was, I must admit we (our staff) were somewhat leery of the whole consulting experience. Except for myself; no one had ever worked with a Team coach prior to this.

Our day started off with a bang and we hit the ground running. You were so great at giving everyone here a sense of peace about the new direction we are headed in. We were all so excited to have a common goal and to be part of developing a plan to support our doctor. It was a wonderful day.

During the day, we could meld as one staff instead of three departments. The TGNA team helped us brainstorm as a group to come up with our core values. It was a neat experience to watch our mousy team members come out of their shells and in turn to witness our strong team members make way for others to develop a place on our team. We know it will be a rough transition at times, but so far everyone is on the bus and thrilled to be taking the trip.

Thanks for a great day.


Sabrina Edwards, R.D.H.