We recently had Transitions come to our office for a comprehensive practice assessment. I have resisted bringing in consultants for many years, thinking that each and every one will simply bring a “canned” approach that should be copied from practice to practice. After having heard Lisa Philp speak and speaking with our coach prior to engaging their help, I knew this group would be different. Our coach was extremely thorough and methodical. She came in and met everyone and reviewed all aspects of our practice from business to clinical systems. She analyzed and interpreted all data gathered with confidence and respect. Furthermore, she was amazingly intuitive as she picked up on many subtle challenges we have been facing for a while before we even had time to mention them to her. Our coach was respectful and very engaging with our entire team. The greatest immediate impact of her assessment and personal interaction with my team was the resurgence of confidence and excitement. My team has already become optimists and are energized and excited about working with the entire coaching group to make our workplace more productive and less stressful. That is all I can ask for now.