TGNA has improved our practice by helping us with communication. We have quite a few people on our team and not everyone works the same days. It was nice to get back on the same page with using different communication tools that TGNA talked about. I still reference the DISC surveys and think about our Kolbe scores when communicating day to day.

TGNA gave us the tools to give our patients “five star” service! We worked with Jodie, our hygiene coach, on the patient handoff. Now we verbalize to patients what we did that day, and create more value to the hygiene visit. TGNA also encouraged us to use the intraoral camera to communicate to our patients as well. This is such a valuable tool and a picture is really “worth a thousand words.”

I like all the experience that TGNA brings to the table. The coaches have been doing their jobs for many years and have worked with many different offices. They know what works in certain situations and can back it up! All the coaches also make themselves easily accessible by phone if I have any questions.