2016-2017 will be the 10th year the Faculty has offered the Practice Management course under the direction of Linda Anderson. This course has been very well received by the participants and Linda always has experienced excellent ratings on her teaching and organization of the course. Perhaps the most remarkable statistic of all is that this course, despite being a major time and financial commitment for students, has always had good attendance and that attendance has grown each year to the point that we now have to cap it and turn down requests for late registrations. Unless the course was highly regarded by the market this statistic would not be possible. That success is due to the respect that the market has for Transitions Consulting Group who have helped develop practice management educational material and to Linda Anderson who has tailored it to this course.

The Faculty of Dentistry does not consider itself experts on practice management but it understands that a well-managed dental practice is very important to overall patient outcomes. We are therefore very pleased to offer this course in our CDE menu and have such a competent person as Linda Anderson to provide this course under our banner.